E.l.m.a Nail Studio & Training Center



By appointments only



Manicures $ 13.00

Reconditioning manicure $25.00


Pedicure $25.00

Chocolote spa  pedicure $28.00

Luxurious treatment for your feet splash around in a chocolate scrub, folled by chocolate mask and massage with chocolate butter cream.

Lavender mint pedicure $28.00

(lavender scrub, lavender mask, steam towels, lavender cream)

Margarita pedicure $30.00

(margarita scrub, steam towels, paraffin treatment and margarita foot cream)

Champagne & rose  pedicure $30.00

(champagne scrub, steam towels, paraffin treatment and champagne butter)

Pumpking spice spa pedicure $30.00

A delectable treat for your feet. Splash around in a Pumpkin spice scrub, steam towels,  followed by pumpkin butter)

Therapeutic pedicure $30.00

(Brown sugar scrub, steam towels, mint mask, and mint lotion)


Paraffin treatment $10.00



Hand exfoliation $10.00


Callus Removal Treatment $25.00 


Diabetic Foot Care $33.00 




Acrylic Service: Full set $20.00 +
Glitter full set (short-medium) $35.00
Glitter full set (large length) $38.00 
Stiletto Full set $45.00 
Glitter Flare(duck) full set $40.00 
Color tips full set $25.00 
White tips full set $25.00

Gel service:
Glitter full set $35.00 
Gel full set $30.00 
Overlay. $26.00

Fill in $15.00
Back fill $23.00
Soak off $10.00
Polish change $10.00 
3d art $5.00 each 
Nail design, any design  zebra design $1.00 per finger) 
Nail decoration (such as gummies, acetato, etc….) 2 for $1.00 
Charms (such as Gems) $2.00 and up. Ask for different prices



Skin care

Deep Facial Cleansing$80.00

Anti-Acne Treatment $75.00

Back and shoulder Cleansing $40.00

Mini facial $35.00 


Eyebrows $10.00

Lip $8.00

Chin $10+

Sides of face $12.00 +



Lower legs

Whole Legs


Full face $40.00


Special services


Eyebrow tinting

Eyelash tinting

Henna tatto


All prices subject to change without  further notice


  • "A couple of weeks I went o do my nails and I was recommended to do a facial treatment for my acne, today I can say what a wonderful job thank you ABY, I been seem lots of impro..."
    facial treatment
  • "A couple of months ago, I disliked the way my face looked, b/c I had pimples on my high cheek bones. One day, I went to do my nails and Abigail mentioned about a "Facial Treatme..."

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